Benchmark Resources


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Ada Compiler Evaluation System
The Ada Compiler Evaluation System (ACES) is a set of tools for assessing the performance and usability of an Ada compiler on a specific operating system.
Benchmark Gateway
Ideas International maintains a database of various benchmarks and results including TPC, BAPCo, SPEC, Graphics Performance Characterization (GPC), AIM Technology, and the Intel iCOMP® Ratings.
Benchmarks and Workloads For Embedded Processors
An extension of material presented at MicroProcessor Forum '95; maintained by Dennis Allison.
EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC)
The EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) works collaboratively to develop a suite of performance benchmarks that target key applications of embedded systems. These benchmarks help provide customers an objective means of evaluating processors and controllers.
EQNTOTT-Specific Optimizations
The quest for the ultimate SPEC performance has also introduced new compiler defects. This discussion of defects related to EQNTOTT-Specific optimizations includes examples and source code.
Intel Processor and System Performance
Intel performance information including iCOMP® Index results, tips for maximizing system performance, and Pentium® Processor performance documents.
Linpack Benchmark Results
Jack Dongarra's list of Linpack performance results for every computer ever manufactured, sorted by performance.
Linux Benchmarks
Results of BYTE UNIX Benchmarks for LINUX Pentium® processors. Includes various configurations of clock speed, memory size, and disk controller.
NCSA Software Performance
Application-specific benchmarks organized into topics covering Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Atmospheric Sciences, Biological Imaging, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computational Biology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, General Relativity, Mathematics and Statistics, and Radio Astronomical Imaging.
NULLSTONE Automated Compiler Performance Analysis Tool
The NULLSTONE Automated Compiler Performance Analysis Tool that uses a QA approach of test coverage and isolation to measure an optimizer. The NULLSTONE methodology increases compiler performance by:
* Isolating performance regressions and defects;
* Identifying opportunities for improvements;
* Establishing development completion criteria; and
* Providing detailed competitive data.
OOPACK Kernels
Four small programs that compare the relative performance of object-oriented programming in C++ versus plain C-style code in C++. Includes performance comparisons of the KAI Photon compiler with compilers from DEC, HP, SGI, and SunPro.
Paradyn Parallel Performance Tools
The Paradyn Parallel Program Performance Tools project is exploring new approaches to building scalable tools for parallel program performance.
PDS: The Performance Database Server
Searchable performance database of benchmark results for Linpack, SPEC, Dhrystone, Fhourstone, Flops, Hanoi, Heapsort, NAS Parallel Benchmark, Nsieve, Sim, and TFFTdp.
PSC Performance and Optimization Software
Pittsburg Supercomputer Center collection of FORTRAN benchmarks designed to evaluate vectorization capabilities.
The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation was formed to establish, maintain, and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks and metrics for performance evaluation of modern computer systems. Includes information about SPEC, how to join, and performance results that were published in SPEC newsletters.
TPC Benchmarks
The Transaction Processing Performance Council is a non-profit corporation founded to define transaction processing and database benchmarks. Includes information about the TPC Organization, the benchmark, and a database of performance results.
Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation
The Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation (ZDBOp) is a division of the Ziff-Davis Publishing Company. ZDBOp develops and supports the publicly available benchmarks that all Ziff-Davis publications use. These benchmarks include MacBench, NetBench, PC Bench, ServerBench, WinBench, and WinStone.